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Product Care


Now you have received your new bamboo goodies, it’s time to let the zen begin! You may notice how soft & lush your bedding is due to the delicate weave of the fabric – it is super important to care for your bamboo goodness correctly to keep them feeling soft & make them last for the many cuddly sleeps to come! To help you out we have popped a few important tips below:


Your bamboo sheets are perfectly fine to pop into the washing machine. Make sure when washing, you do so under 30 degrees on a gentle cycle. It is also recommended to use a high water level when washing but if your machine does not have this function it is not a necessity! It is important to also wash your bamboo bedding separately from other items as loose hooks etc can get caught & damage the fabric.

Please also note, if you find that your bamboo sheets feel stiff once you take them out of the machine – DON’T PANIC! This is normal for 100% bamboo fabric when wet, we promise they will bounce back to their soft, lush self once dried!


A mild, liquid detergent is the best choice for your bamboo bedding, however if you prefer a powder detergent it is recommended you dissolve it first in warm water before adding to the wash. You bamboo linen will stay nice & soft after washes so no need to use any softeners. Also, please avoid bleach as well as these products will only shorten the life of your luxury bamboo sheets.

Natural solutions are always recommended – not only are they gentle on your bamboo sheets, but they are also kinder on our beautiful planet! View our Natural Laundry Alternatives blog for products & DIY suggestions!


For light stain removal, it is best to get them in the wash immediately before the stain dries. If you do need to use a stain remover, it is best to use a mild, pre-soak product. If you are not sure whether or not the product will bleach the colour of your bamboo sheets, we suggest you to run a test first – you can try this on the fabric bag that packs your bedding or the inner layer of your bamboo pillow case. Please avoid oil based products, such as massage oil, hair oil or heavy body cream.


After washing your bamboo bedding, it is best to pop them out on the line, in the shade if possible. It is best to avoid direct sunlight as this can cause the colour to fade over time & can result in the fabrics becoming fragile.

However if it is a gloomy day & you need to pop them in the dryer, this is totally okay. Please use a low or gentle cycle & ensure you use an airflow setting (cold temperature) to not damage the sheets – we do not recommend this to be done often however.


When you first pull your sheets off the line you may notice a few creases, this is due no un-ironing chemicals being used during production. After a night sleep, your body temperature will act as your natural iron & smooth the sheets out for you! If you however are after that crisp look right away or looking to impress your guests, ironing is fine – please do so on a low setting with preferably no steam.


It is best to store your linen in a cool, dry place that is out of direct sunlight. When you received your bedding you would have noticed they came in a reusable bamboo fabric bag! After washing you can simply roll them up & pop them back in the breathable fabric bag for safe storage! Alternatively you can easily fold up the set & store it in one of the pillowcases to keep everything together until they are needed next.