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Welcome to Bambusa - Where Comfort Meets Sustainability!

Greetings from sunny Queensland! We are Joanne and Mark, partners in both business and life. Our journey together began later in life, and it's been nothing short of extraordinary. Alongside our two loyal, and perhaps, slightly spoiled canine companions, Ollie and Maxi, we've created a warm and loving home in the bayside Brisbane.

Our family extends to our two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Sammy, 20 and 21, who happen to be Bambusa’s biggest fans! Their enthusiasm for our products has been an inspiration for us.

Meet the Team

Jo has always had a passion for interior decorating, and especially passionate in creating amazing bedrooms. Always on the hunt for the most amazing fabrics and beautiful decorations, Jo creates the most beautiful bedroom aesthetics. Having experienced menopause in her 40’s, Jo knows the struggle of temperature regulation during sleep. Enter bamboo bedding - a revelation. With this wonderful fabric, Jo now enjoys a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep, every single night.

Mark has a passion for aviation. Spending 30+ years as an airline pilot, he certainly knows hotel rooms all over the world, but like most men, is not the most creative person when it comes to curating aesthetically pleasing bedrooms. Mark’s other love, second to his gorgeous partner and family, is for small business.

Combining our passions for business, we set out to find a great little business that we could run together. Not long after committing to this new journey together, the opportunity to acquire the Bambusa brand came into our lives and we’ve never looked back. We fell head over heels for Bambusa sheets - the environmental sustainability of bamboo fabric, the silky smooth texture and the incredible breathability transformed our nights. The result? The best sleep we've ever had. Ever since buying the business, we have been counting our lucky stars that, not only do we get to work together at something we are passionate about, but we also get to help people all over the world achieve the best night’s sleep they have ever had.

Our commitment is unwavering. We're dedicated to providing the highest quality, most sustainably sourced, and visually stunning bamboo bedding on the planet. Our hope is that you, too, will experience the joy and comfort that Bambusa bedding brings to your life.

Welcome to the Bambusa family, where we believe that a great sleep is a right, not a luxury.

With warm regards,

Joanne and Mark