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How to Have the Ultimate Relaxing Night In

How to Have the Ultimate Relaxing Night In

Sometimes all you need to recharge your batteries is a relaxing night at home.

It’s completely underrated, but 110% worth it – trust us.

Since our lives were turned upside down by COVID-19 and the associated restrictions, it’s become the new normal to enjoy a relaxing night in.

As couch connoisseurs, ambiance aficionados and masters of mellow, our team at Bambusa have done the hard yards to create your comprehensive chill out guide to relaxing nights in.

Create Some Ambiance

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax when you have your phone pinging with notifications, all the fluorescent lights on and your space resembles more of a war zone than a sanctuary.

Take the time to create a space that soothes your mind and body – turn off your phone, dim the lights or turn them off completely, light some soothing, scented candles and take the time to really enjoy some peace.

Relaxing Music

Music is good for the soul; it can have a significant impact on your stress levels, emotions and even muscle relaxation.

Playing relaxing music is a great way to help you wind down; you could play your favourite chilled playlist or search your favourite music streaming app to find the top-rated relaxation playlists.

Check out playlists that include sounds from nature, such as waterfalls and sounds from the forest, thunder and rain or even the ocean.

Run a Bubble Bath

There’s something so indulgent about a bubble bath, so why not treat yourself to some bath oils and bubbles?

Relax in the warm water, with a book and even a glass of wine - or for something non-alcoholic, try a relaxing chamomile or lavender tea.

For the ultimate luxurious experience, make sure to wrap yourself in one of YoHome’s Bamboo Bath Towels to dry off. Our bamboo bath towels and sheets are made from a unique and opulent blend of bamboo and cotton, making them soft, absorbent and perfect for your self-care routine.

Pop on a Movie or Series

Last step to relaxation is watching a movie, so get ready to put on a good movie or check out that series you’ve been meaning to watch.

Cosy up on the couch or under your bamboo sheets, make yourself a cuppa (or a nightcap, we won’t judge) and enjoy!


After all that TLC, you’re prepped and primed to head to the land of nod. If you’re not already curled up in bed, brush your teeth and climb into your crisp, fresh bamboo bedding and sheets.

Bamboo bedding is the perfect way to make bed time even better, with a luxurious and soft feeling that is second to none.

Nights In With Bambusa

At Bambusa, we are passionate about bringing luxurious, dreamy and stylish bamboo products into your daily life, giving you those relaxed vibes at home every day.

Our range of bamboo products not only feel lush against your skin, they also have the added benefits of being high-quality, sustainably sourced and toxic-free.

Transform your relaxation time with bamboo bedding and apparel from Bambusa – browse our entire range online today and feel the bamboo difference for yourself.