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Stylish Wall Art that will give your Room an Instant Makeover!

Stylish Wall Art that will give your Room an Instant Makeover!

So your room needs a makeover.. You could paint the walls, but committing to just one colour is too daunting. Maybe you could hang a few paintings up? But who wants all those nasty nail holes. And if you’re renting, neither of these are really an option anyway!  Luckily, we have a solution - Introducing our range of Tiled Wall Art.

This Netherland-crafted Artwork system is considered one of the most fresh, innovative ways to display works of art in any room, and for good reason – the designs are sublime! Check out our:

+ Fun & vibrant Flamingo Wall Art 
+ Tropical Banana Leaf Wall Art
+ 3-in-1 Stormtrooper / Darth Vader Wall Art 

The artworks themselves are made up of individual squares and connectors, and is supplied in a compact box with assembly tools and a manual. They're also super simple to assemble. Just check out the demo below!

The cards are 0.33 mm thick and are made of the high-quality synthetic material. They're waterproof, don't tear and are UV resistant. Being easily changeable, the cards won't leave any marks or damage your walls. To clean them, all you need is a wipe of damp soft cloth - easy peasy!

The possibilities are seriously endless - hang on the wall or use as a room divider by sliding onto a standard curtain rail.. We'll be using ours as a bed head!

Be sure to let us know your fave on our latest Instagram post & let us know if there are any specific patterns you would love to see! CLICK HERE to shop our Wall Art range, get in quick before they're all gone!

Stay inspired YoHomies x