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Bamboo Bundle Pack Inspiration

Bamboo Bundle Pack Inspiration

Mix & Match Your Bamboo Bedding

Instead of sticking to one colour in the bedroom, why not mix up your bamboo sheets and doona cover with a few different tones to create variation? If you like this idea, our bamboo bundle packs are the go to for you! They contain 1 x Doona Cover, 1 x Fitted Sheet & 2 x Pillowcases - You can easily mix & match the colours of the fitted sheet & doona cover set to suit your bedroom colour scheme!

Bamboo Bundle Pack Inspiration

100% Bamboo Bundle Pack | Shades of Grey

100% Bamboo Bundle Pack | Shades of Grey

100% Bamboo Bundle Pack | Warm tones

100% Bamboo Bundle Pack | Warm tones - YoHome Bamboo Bedding

100% Bamboo Bundle Pack | Green Goodness

100% Bamboo Bundle Pack | Green Goodness - Green Bed Sheets

100% Bamboo Bundle Pack | Crisp & Clean

simple printed sheets - White Bamboo bedding

If you are looking to mix & match the colours in your Bamboo Bundle Pack, simply leave a note in the comments box at the checkout explaining what colours you are wanting! It is also possible for us to mix around the sizing in the bundle pack - so if you have a queen fitted sheet & a king doona cover set (or vice versa) let us know & we can get a quote sent through for the pack!

If you like the look of any of the combinations above or from our Instagram but are not 100% sure of the colours, shoot a message through to our Customer Care Team & we can help you out!