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Achieving the Minimalist Look: Bedroom Styling Tips

Achieving the Minimalist Look: Bedroom Styling Tips

The minimalist movement is all about the “less is more” way of living; in design terms, minimalist design refers to a look that has been stripped down to only the essential elements.

But minimalist design isn’t just a style or interior design trend, it’s a mindset and a way of life.

We are seeing more and more people adopt minimalism in their own homes and in particular, their bedroom.

If you want to achieve a minimalist look in your bedroom, but you are a little lost on where to start, read on to find out our top tips!

Bedroom Styling Tips: Monochromatic Colour Palette

Take a moment to imagine what a minimalistic room looks like. Think about the colours that feature in that room.

We can bet that the room you pictured was primarily monochromatic, with white or neutral tones, or pale colours featuring heavily. These colours work in minimalism because they can fade into the background, without overpowering the space or clashing with one another.

If you want to create a minimalist look in your space, start with a fairly monochromatic colour palette, adding in pops of soft colour through décor such as a painting or vase.

In your bedroom, you can also achieve this clean, minimalist look with luxurious, soft bedding of a neutral colour palette. Bambusa’s range of luxurious bamboo sheets in Australia are the ideal addition to your space, coming in colours such as latte, clay pink, pewter and green tea.

Clear from Clutter

Clutter can quickly add up in a room; items from receipts to old clothing and even your car keys can make a space seem too busy.

Aim to keep surfaces as clutter-free as possible by ensuring every item has its rightful place – don’t hoard items or keep anything that’s not essential to your bedroom.

Quality over Quantity

One easy principle to follow when making purchases for your bedroom is quality over quantity, which should apply to everything from clothing to décor.

Each piece in your minimalist room should be carefully considered, as you want items that will not require constant updating to stay on-trend. We recommend investing in classic pieces that will outlast trends and will always have a space in your room.

Why not shop local and opt for some luxe, timeless organic bedding from Australia? Choose your sheet sets and quilt covers in neutral colours so they can easily suit your look.

The 'One in One Out' Rule

This principle is best implemented and outlined by Colleen Madsen from 365 Less Things, who uses the principle to prevent clutter and the build-up of objects over time.

To implement this for yourself, all you need to do is remove an item from your home every time you get a new one.

An example of this is donating an item of clothing for every new item of clothing you purchase.

Effective Storage

With minimalist styling, you should avoid having too many objects or items on display. That doesn’t mean your bedroom shelves should be bare, but they shouldn’t be full of your personal items either.

And if Instagram and Pinterest have taught us anything, it’s that effective storage can go a long way in making a room seem more organised and less cluttered.

There are a number of storage solutions on the market, so it is important to consider what will work for your space and your items. Finding the right storage solution will ensure your belongings are not only organised, but also hidden out of sight too.


Textures form an important part of your minimalist design, as they work to create dimension, contrast and interest in the room.

In essence, texture helps your room to appear less bland and cold.

A simple way you can use texture in your design is through hanging a textured piece of art, or by adding throw rugs, pillows or indoor plants.

Always keep in mind that décor and furnishings with textured features should still fit other minimalist design principles and suit the overall ambiance of your space.

Achieve the Minimalist Look with Bambusa

If you want to achieve a minimalist look, take the time to think about how you can adopt minimalist principles in other areas of your home and lifestyle.

Not only will it help you to keep a more clutter free home, it will lead you to make more sustainable choices, as you focus on buying quality over quantity.

At Bambusa, we’re all about supplying sustainable, eco-friendly products that are stylish in appearance and luxurious in feel.

Browse our range of bamboo bedding, quilts and pillows to suit your minimalist bedroom today.