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Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton?

Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton?

Egyptian cotton has long been synonymous with luxurious bed sheets. But that’s all changing as a wave of environmentally conscious Aussie retailers bring bamboo bedding to our shores.

To help you make more informed choices in the bedroom, this blog will explain the differences between bamboo sheets and cotton blends.

Bamboo sheets vs cotton sheets: The differences

First let’s break down two of the most popular bedding fabrics: Egyptian cotton and bamboo.

Egyptian cotton is used in bedding because the fibres are longer than regular cotton fibres, and smaller in diameter making them more appropriate for bedding than clothing or other cotton products.

Bamboo sheets use organic bamboo fibres to harness all the natural advantages of bamboo such as its strength, antibacterial properties, and natural insulation.

Ok, now we know what it is we’re referring to with bamboo sheets. How do they stack up against the regular cotton blends?


Bamboo sheets feel as soft as silk, without being slippery at all. Long thin fibres give bamboo sheets the feeling of a higher thread count, however because the fibres are spaced further apart the softness doesn’t mean added weight or less breathability.

Egyptian cotton is luxuriously soft only at very high thread counts, which of course means high cost. Therefore, bamboo bed sheets are naturally softer than most cotton blends at similar price points.


Both bamboo and cotton sheets absorb moisture from the body for a comfortable night’s sleep. However, bamboo is more breathable than premium cotton and offers better insulating properties. And with bamboo sheets you don’t have to worry about high thread counts; 300 thread count bamboo sheets are equivalent to 1,000 thread count cotton in terms of softness and comfort.

Plus, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. For babies, people with sensitive skin, and allergy sufferers, the benefits of bamboo make for a more comfortable sleep.

Bamboo sheets: Durability

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of cotton pilling, then you know it’s a sign your sheets are nearly ready to be retired. Bamboo sheet sets don’t pill like cotton thanks to the natural strength of bamboo fibres. Plus, unlike dyed cotton which fades, won’t fade in the wash.


Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. In just 2 months a stand of bamboo can grow more than 20 metres, producing 35% more oxygen than a similar patch of trees. But what about cotton? Well, cotton crops use 3 times as much water as bamboo and cannot be regenerated as often or for as long. Eventually the ground becomes barren, unlike bamboo which is endlessly regenerative.

All Bambusa bamboo products use 100% organically grown bamboo from sustainably sourced crops.

Bamboo sheets: Cost

The big question – considering the advantages, do cost more than cotton? When you compare bamboo sheet sets against equivalent high thread count Egyptian cotton, bamboo often comes out more affordable. Low quality cotton sheets may be cheaper, but that’s because they are far less sustainable and comfortable. You’ll be buying new sheets every 6 months, which costs a lot more in the long run.

Bamboo bedding is a clear winner

Here at Bambusa we’re focused on giving Aussie families the everyday luxury of bamboo at more affordable prices. It’s our mission to help you tread lighter and sleep deeper with organic that are kind to the environment and your wallet.