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6 Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

6 Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

6 Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

Comfort is the number 1 question when choosing new bedding. And with so many choices out there, you want to know you’re getting the best bedding – at the best prices.

Bamboo bedding is a naturally better choice for the whole family. In addition to being comfortable, hypoallergenic and sustainable, bamboo bed sheets help you sleep soundly because they are buttery soft, soothing and temperature regulating.

Discover why Yo Home bamboo sheets, bamboo pillows and pillow cases, and bamboo mattress toppers give you a better night’s sleep with 100% organically grown bamboo.

Bamboo Sheets

1. Incredibly comfortable

Bamboo bedding is buttery soft, with an almost plush feeling. That’s thanks to bamboo’s natural fibres which are thick and silky-smooth. Weaving these organic fibres into our fabric creates unbelievably soft and comfortable bedsheets, with exquisite drape and contouring.

Yo Home bamboo bedding is an everyday luxury for the whole family. To enjoy the feeling for yourself, invest in a set of Yo Home bamboo sheets today.

2. Regulates sleeping temperature

The softness of bamboo fabric isn’t the only comfort. Thick natural fibres make our bamboo bedding an incredible insulator, keeping you at the right temperature all year round. Stay cool in summer thanks to the astonishing breathability of bamboo fabric, and cosy in winter with the organic insulation of bamboo fibres woven into our bamboo bedding.

No more kicking off the covers on a humid night; you’ll love bundling up in bamboo bedding all year, plus the organic fabric is ideal for hot flashes or night sweats.

3. Hypoallergenic

Bamboo bed sheets have a long list of health benefits. The same fibres which absorb moisture prevents dust mites, mould or bacteria build-up which makes our sheets hypoallergenic. By wicking away moisture and sweat, bamboo bed sheets eliminate the key conditions needed for dust mites – one of the main allergy triggers – to grow.

Plus, there are no harmful chemicals in our 100% organically grown bamboo bedding so you never need to worry about allergies again.

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4. Antibacterial

Just like dust mites, bacteria can’t grow without water. Bamboo’s ability to wick water away, eliminating dust mites and bacteria, is what makes bamboo bed sheets more hygienic than traditional bed sets. Our exclusive fabric also absorbs toxins from your skin while you sleep, making for a fresher feeling every morning and the healthy environment of antibacterial sheets.

5. Gentle on sensitive skin

Our entire range is OEKO-TEX 100 certified, meaning it is soothing for sensitive skin. Because organic bamboo bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, they are perfect for the whole family, including babies and those suffering allergies.

Children are more sensitive to allergies and diseases than adults, so it’s a great idea to ditch the old sheets and swap out their bedding for a single size bamboo sheet set. Hay fever sufferers, too, can experience a better night’s sleep thanks to certified sensitivity of bamboo sheets.

Bamboo Plant

6. Sustainable

Bamboo bed sheets don’t only benefit you; they also benefit the earth. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and is naturally resistant to pests and bacteria, which means it doesn’t need pesticides to grow. Crops use around 30% of the water needed to grow cotton, and release 35% more oxygen that the equivalent space used by trees, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment while you sleep with the softest sheets you can imagine.


Take advantage of bamboo bedding

Discover the extensive range of bamboo sheets, bamboo pillow cases and bamboo mattress toppers available in our online store – plus towels, quilts, clothing and even underwear. Wrap yourself in the comfort of bamboo bedding and never go back to cotton again.

When you pair your bamboo bed sheets with a bamboo quilt, and bamboo doona cover, your entire bed is a haven of comfort and luxury.

Read more about how your body benefits from bamboo on our blog. When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of bamboo bed sheets, contact Yo Home or place an order through our website!