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12 of the best Vegan Cafes in Bali by Rochelle Mace

12 of the best Vegan Cafes in Bali by Rochelle Mace

During my stay in Bali I ate at some of the most amazing plant-based and vegan friendly cafes. The eco-friendly cafes in Bali are booming and although there was so many to try, I think I got to experience some of the best of them.
I’ve put together a guide of my top 12 best cafes to eat at in Bali in Sanur, Canggu, Seminyak, Nusa Lembongnan & Ubud.


First Stop Sanur!

Sanur is a central location for boat transfers so logistically it was convenient for me to stay a night before catching a boat to Nusa Lembongan. Before departing I had to check out a café which my friend highly recommended...

Soul in a Bowl

And as the name suggests, every mouthful of it nourished my soul.

Soul in a Bowl

To drink – the girls ordered young coconuts (which I might add were bigger than the size of my head) and fresh watermelon juice. I ordered a fresh prebiotic coconut kombucha and coconut milk cappuccino. Something you should probably know about me is that I'm a milk snob when it comes to coffee (especially almond milk). Coconut milk is really popular in Bali so I jumped on the bandwagon and I can honestly say it was hard to come by a bad coffee in Bali. The coconut milk from Soul in a Bowl was really creamy and smooth. To eat – we ordered an assortment of corn fritters, potato & mushroom rosti and smoothie bowls. The customer service at Soul in a Bowl was exceptional. They took quite a large order and everything came out in good time. Although I don’t have any other cafes in Sanur to compare it to, I definitely think this should be at the top of your list to visit. The following week I stayed on the beautifully secluded Island, Nusa Lembongan where I discovered some of the most gorgeous cafes.


Eco Deli

This was such an amazing little vegan-friendly café. They offer a very simple yet extremely satisfying menu. I had the pleasure of dining here for lunch and breakfast. For lunch, I ordered a Nasi Goreng with tofu which was so tasty and filling. And for breakfast, I had the toasted chocolate chip banana bread topped with cinnamon and a coconut milk coffee. One word – AhhhMAZING!


If you visit Eco Deli be sure to try at least one of their cakes or sweet treats. The girls really enjoyed their smoothie bowls too.


Green Garden Cafe

The Green Garden is a very cute eco-friendly café. They make an epic satay Tempe in there Gado Gado bowl and a really moorish peanut butter smoothie bowl for breakfast. They have a huge veggie and vegan menu to choose from as well. It’s a relaxing environment and the staff are very friendly.

Green Garden Cafe

Mola Mola

Mola Mola was our local breakfast spot during our stay in Nusa Lembongan. It’s right on the beach so you can dig your toes in the sand while you sip on their rich coconut milk coffee and eat out of a coconut bowl.

Mola Mola


Sandy Bay Beach Club

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner or drinks by the pool with a stunning view – Sandy Bay Beach Club is your place. It’s a really flash place to eat, decked out with white furniture on white sand. Their menu caters for non-vegans and vegans and if you enjoy a cocktail or three then I highly suggest their pinacolada’s.
Canggu is where I spent most of my stay and thankfully it is buzzing with vegan cafes at every corner. It’s a busy little place but if you want to café hop till breakfast, lunch and dinner than Canggu is the place to be! As Canggu was my favourite place to eat, I'm going to list the following in order of preference. Here are my top picks...


No 1. The Shady Shack

The Shady Shack would have to be my favourite place to eat in Canggu. They have every vegan cuisine you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s got a really cool, jungle-like atmosphere. There are a few cosey tables and couches to hang at out the front and shaded area to sit also. They have everything from juices, coffee, desserts, bowls, salads... and if you enjoy a burger - Don’t leave without trying their tempe burger. The sweet potato fries are delicious too (I’m salivating at the thought).

Time and time again I found myself escaping to the same little table upstairs of Betelenut Cafe, where I enjoyed the balmy Bali breeze and listened to the hum of the busy little streets below. Betelenut Cafe has a big variety of healthy options to choose from including juices, Mexican dishes, salads and curries. The coffee is a hit and the food is wholesome, healthy and plentiful and really well priced.

No 3. Café Organic

Without a doubt, Café Organic is one of the trendiest cafes in Canggu. This little café has the coolest and laid back vibe. If you really appreciate minimalistic décor then you will love this place! Even the wifi password is super cool ‘NO BAD DAYS’. The menu is slightly pricier but the food does not disappoint. It’s organic heaven that caters for vegetarians, gluten-free and vegans.

No 4. Crate Cafe

Crate Cafe Canggu is another trendy cafe. It's much larger than Cafe Organic but it has a very similar atmosphere, I almost didn't feel cool enough to eat there. If you're a creative, you'll love all the artworks displayed on the back walls. Bring your laptop and perch yourself on one of their couches where you can work and eat off their crate tables. The menu is huge and the food was awesome. It is definitely one of the coolest cafes in Canggu.

Crate Cafe

No 5. Warung Bu Mi

If you’re looking for a huge plate of traditional Indonesian food for less than $5, than look no further than Warung Bu Mi. I ate here an uncountable amount of times. It was conveniently next door to my villa but also a really enjoyable and super affordable meal. Below is a plate of caramelised tempe, assorted vege, tofu and a side of peanut sauce… I REPEAT DO NOT forget the peanut sauce!

Warung Bu Mi

Seminyak – Kynd Community

Lo and behold, the instgrammable pink paradise wall. Kynd Community is a cute little vegan-friendly café tucked away in Seminyak. It’s pretty much a pink palace… pink walls, pink cups, pink seats, you name it! The food is presented so beautifully (keep your camera handy) and each meal is so well thought out. The coffee is made with homemade mylks – almond, coconut etc. This is the all time Instagrammers heaven!

Warung Bu Mi Seminyak – Kynd Community

Last and definitely not the least favourite of all places...

Moksa Plant-based Restaurant, Ubud

On our first day in Ubud, we spent our first few hours getting lost and happened to stumble across the most magical place of all. Moksa Plant Based restaurant is like no other. It’s tucked away in the bush or what I like to describe as a fairy garden. All the greenery you see around you are the crops of produce used in their food.

Moksa Plant-based Restaurant, Ubud

The owner is a very humble and generous man. He really puts his heart and soul into making it a personal and memorable experience for all. The plant-based meals are exquisite. The menu has so much to offer so it’s very hard to make up your mind. We perched underneath a little hut overlooking their beautiful little paradise and enjoyed some of the best hot cacao, pancakes, tempe bacon, purple sweet potato fries and so much more.

It’s a big call, but it would have to be my favourite restaurant in Bali!


Thanks so much to the beautiful Rochelle for sharing your tasty finds! Be sure to check our her Inspirational Instagram  & Website for plenty more goodness like this xx